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Axiom SL

Axiom-SL 45 Broadway, 27th fl New York, NY 10006 United States , USA - New York

Our Credentials Discover how AxiomSL empowers companies to trust their data, quickly adapt to change, deliver on time, improve efficiency ratios and meet the board’s obligations.Technology Our cutting edge technology positions us as the industry standard for IT infrastructure and business solutions. The new technologies adapted into our architecture provide for added strength, scalability and flexibility never before seen. This gives our clients the ability to make business critical decisions, adapt to constantly changing business environments and the ability to succeed within the organization throughout mergers & acquisitions. The new technologies incorporated into our solutions include a multithreaded, multi-tier component-based architecture with a thin client and scalable application/database servers. High-performance calculation and aggregation engines, with the use of visual business rules, provide for fast speed in high transaction volume environments. Our solutions have provided clients with the power and flexibility needed to deploy and live with lightning speeds. This exciting new technology also gives us the flexibility to run on virtually any hardware and software platforms i.e. Unix, Linux, and Windows. Partners At AxiomSL we are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive data and risk management solutions. We maintain strategic development alliances with financial and technology industry leaders, financial data providers, hardware, and analytical software providers. The alliances are to guarantee that our clients receive the best breed of software and hardware for a flawless implementation of there IT and business requirements. Clients Since inception, AxiomSL has been the industry leader in providing enterprise-wide data and risk management solutions for our clients all around the world. Our cutting edge software and experience with many global implementations has proven that Axiom provides a reliable, cost effective, and quick implementation. Our solutions serve major global financial institutions, large corporations, asset managers and energy companies.

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Contact Information

   Office Phone : 1.212 248 4188

   Address : Axiom-SL 45 Broadway, 27th fl New York, NY 10006 United States


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