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Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia , AUS - Melbourne

STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM is the vision of Anton Harrison-Kern and the Harrison-Kern Group. Anton’s combination of business and executive coaching skills, web development and ERP software development have driven the Harrison-Kern Group to take on ambitious and exciting new projects in software development. Find out more about Anton and his team at You can leverage this vast experience and expertise in your business, by deploying STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM. STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM was initially developed as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software targeted at businesses with $10M+ turnover. This type of organisation has often outgrown existing systems and can obtain massive return on investment from a well designed and deployed ERP system. These projects were typically $40,000 to $170,000 projects, and returning many times that in value. After several successful high end projects we realised that we could also bring a product to market which was more cost effective for the SME sector and designed to be sold on a per user per month basis. Leveraging Amazon Web Services as a robust platform, we went web based. As well as higher end custom projects, STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM is now available for SMEs at very cost effective pricing, and does not require any server infrastructure to be purchased. (We have custom plans to suit any business type) Although STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM can streamline almost any business, we are focused on developing variant versions of the software which are the most perfect solution for individual industries. We have started with industries that we had already proven ourselves in, and those business owners are now our “Champions” in that industry. They are business owners and managers who are already reaping the benefits of our software, and are happy to share their experiences with you. As STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM is deployed into more organisations and more industries, we continue to evolve existing modules based on user feedback, and increase the already huge number of available modules. We do not want to stand still as there are always opportunities to help business’ become more efficient.

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Contact Information

   Office Phone : +61 419 984 999

   Address : Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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